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COVID-19 Information and Policies

At Move It Physical Therapy, the safety of our patients and providers is of utmost importance. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure we keep you (and us) safe:

- All providers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (as well as all other vaccines)

- All providers will be wearing a mask throughout the entire session

- If a provider has any symptoms (even if it is not Covid-19), your appointment will be rescheduled.

- We ask that our patients also wear a mask during the session if they are not vaccinated. Even though the session takes place in your home, we still want to reduce your potential exposure!

- All equipment used will be properly cleaned and sterilized before and after each session.

We recommend that our patients follow these guidelines to help reduce any risk of Covid-19 infections:

- Get vaccinated! While there is a lot of controversy around this issue, we believe that listening to reputable scientific and public health experts is the best practice during a Public Health Pandemic. 

- Please call us to reschedule if you (or anyone in your household) has been exposed to Covid-19 or has any symptoms consistent with Covid-19, until a negative test has been received.

- If the weather permits, opening windows and having good airflow in your home would be great during the session.

If you are looking for reputable sources of information regarding Covid-19, please visit:

Here is an article on the effectiveness of wearing masks:

Finally, if you would prefer to have a Virtual Session, Move It Physical Therapy is happy to do a TeleHealth Video Session. Please contact us to schedule your virtual visit.

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