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Our Story

Why Choose Move It Physical Therapy?

Both Drs. Noe and Natalie Sariban have been practicing physical therapy since 2013.  After working in private clinics outside of Washington, DC for three years, they determined that in order to provide optimum care, they needed to open their own practice.  However, they valued experience and the different perspectives and philosophies of others, so they decided to participate in traveling physical therapy, which provides temporary placements in clinics and hospitals all over the US.  As outdoor enthusiasts, they selected clinics in Colorado and California.  After five years working in various clinics and hospital settings, it was time to settle down and start Move It Physical Therapy.  

Their experiences for the past eight years led to a deep understanding that the ability of physical therapists to optimally treat patients is compromised by the constraints imposed by insurance company requirements.  As a result, Noe and Natalie observed that many PT practices overbook their providers, do not provide one-on-one care and have aides who inappropriately demonstrate, monitor, and assign treatments, in order to increase (or maintain) revenue. Physical Therapists therefore are actually treating 2, or even 3 patients at once.   In part, this mode of operating has developed because insurance reimbursements continue to decrease year after year. 


Under these circumstances, patients simply are not receiving the care they need or deserve because the Physical Therapists do not have the time to provide quality care to each patient.  Furthermore, physical therapists “burn out” due to overwork, and lose interest in learning the latest techniques or additional practices that could enhance their knowledge base.  

Noe and Natalie decided that they could not conform to less than optimal practices. Their strict adherence to optimal practices began at Duke University, which has extremely high standards for admission, coursework, accountability and student professionalism. The core values acquired in pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Duke included integrity, ethical and professional behavior, inclusiveness and patient-centered care, and are the foundation for Noe and Natalie's approach to patient care.

Therefore, Noe and Natalie founded Move It Physical Therapy as a practice committed to excellence and the highest standards for patients and providers in order to provide the top quality individualized care that exceeds patients’ expectations.


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